Our livestock is cared for at the feedlot where the day-to-day welfare of the animals occurs, such as sanitary, veterinary and dietary requirements.

The farm is divided into small lots or corrals and animals are placed together in these lots. The corral usually measures approx. 60 x 70 meters, which has fresh water, feed space and shade. All of these corrals together are called a feedlot farm or locally known as a Hoteleria.

The services of the Hoteleria are unique to Argentina, whereby animals are fed high grain diets to meet specific meat contract requirements. Ownership of animals does not change and animals are always identifiable by a unique ear tag and brand.

Treatment of animals

Whilst at the hoteleria, the animals are free to roam, however, due to the reduced space; they typically do not have the same freedom of animals in an open field. However, at all times the animals will have access to fresh cool water, food, sleeping spaces and shade.

The number of animals in each corral is strictly monitored and different types/sizes of animals are graded and kept together. The animals are never locked up in sheds and never injected with any form of performance enhancing drugs or growth hormones.

In the interests of all, on arrival at the hoteleria the animals are given a treatment for the following:  

  • Internal fluke and worms
  • External hair lice
  • A multi vitamin and mineral
  • A preventative treatment for respiratory problems

The Animals are NEVER injected with any form of performance enhancing drugs or growth hormones.


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